What is a VoiceThread?

How to Make a VoiceThread


Students from Mr. Avery's class sharing writing about emotions

Students from Mr. Salsich's class sharing information about
non-fiction text features

Your Task

1. Visit VoiceThread.
2. Click "Sign in or Register" in the upper-right hand corner. Then, on the left, click register. Fill in your information.
3. Click on "My Voice." Click on your email address and go to "My Identities."
4. Click on "Add Identity." Type in your name. You can always go back and add a picture in later.
5. Play the VoiceThread below. Follow each slide to learn how to leave comments. Leave your own comment on each slide.

6. Head back over to VoiceThread.
7. Click on "Create."
8. Click on "Upload." Choose three pictures from the My Documents folder.
You can rearrange the order of the slides by clicking and dragging.
9. Click on comment. Leave your own comments on each slide.
10. When finished, click on "Publishing Options." Decide which options you'd like to have and save.
11. Click on "Playback Options." Decide which options you'd like and save again.
12. Now you're ready to share!

Helpful Resources